Betsson´s scratch tickets

Betsson´s scratch tickets is a successful enhancement of the traditional scratch tickets. Each scratch ticket on has different theme. This enables you to choose between Fantasy-, Sport-, Casino- and classic scratch tickets. The winnings are paid out in a various amount up until 200 000 EUR. One of the scratch tickets can give you the jackpot of around 5 500 EUR a months for 15 years!

This grand jackpot can be yours when playing the scratch ticket 3wow. This classic ticket is easy to understand and a lot of fun. The setup is simple; three of the same equals a prize. Please remember to keep a look out for the trefoils! If you are lucky and get three trefoils the grand jackpot can be yours.

What’s makes 3wow even more interesting is the fact that you can choose which scratch ticket you wish to play. In addition to this, you can also choose how much you are willing to pay for your ticket, 5 cent or 1 EUR. It’s your pick! If you are really eager to find out if you are the next millionaire you have the chose to scratch numerous boxes at the same time. All in all 3wow is an exciting scratch ticket with a lot of winnings!

Poker Chip Set

When we say, “poker chip set” we are basically referring to the whole package of poker chips. This is the common concept that most of the people understand about the word “poker chip set”. However, the nature of producing poker chip sets involved some sorts of purposes, in which most of the poker chip set manufacturers and producers hold.

For that matter, since we all know that the poker game became so popular today and this is basically about chips, many of the poker producers and poker room owners even provide poker chip sets for those who love to know how to use the poker chips for playing poker.

And since the poker is a matter of chips and not all about winning the pots regardless of its being full or not, it is not surprising that many poker chip sets emerged and continue to surface for the poker chip collectors and poker junkies.

So to mention, there are several poker chip sets that have been offered even online for the poker chip set buyers. Some of the varieties of poker chip sets are the Card suit poker chip set that include 500 pieces of poker chips, Suited poker chip sets, Deadwood poker chip sets, Royal Suited poker chip sets, Dice Stripe poker chip sets, and a lot more. These mentioned poker chip sets are actually offered by the Vegas Supplies and Gifts.

Another poker chip sets that I have spotted online for those who collect poker chip set are the Clay poker chip set which is the common and the most preferred type of poker chips, Custom poker chip sets, Composite poker chip sets, and American Oak Heirloom poker chip sets. It is interesting to note that each poker chip set is has its own designs and styles. And some of the poker chip sets that have been offered today come in great numbers with other poker accessories.

Finally, when you are looking for poker chip sets that will fit to your desired styles and designs, you don’t need to worry anymore for meeting such need for the reason that there are already poker chip set manufacturers today that even actually design some poker chip for your poker chip set with your preferred designs and mold styles. And whether you are a poker chip set collector or a poker player, many of this poker chip set manufacturers have their poker chip set that will meet your budget. Some of the offered poker chip set may even come in your choice of graphics.

History of Roulette

The history of roulette is awash with many fanciful stories. Some of these stories on the history of roulette seem plausible enough while others are improbable. Nevertheless, stories on the history of roulette continue to circle, adding to the air of mystery in this game of luck and chance.

It is a common belief that the history of roulette began in 17th century France. However, others have reported that an ancient and crude version of the game was played in China several centuries earlier. Thus the history of roulette probably began much earlier than reported.

According to this version of the history of roulette, there was an old Chinese game that quite resembled the mechanics of the modern-day roulette. The object of the game was to arrange 37 statuettes of animals but instead of using a “wheel,” the Ancient Chinese used a “magic square” of 666. This version of the history of roulette goes on to say that the game was later played in Tibet. When French Dominican monks on a missionary quest in Asia saw the game, they became so fascinated by it that they brought it back with them to Europe.

According to the history of roulette, these monks later made a few renditions to the game, using a revolving wheel instead with numbers 0 to 36 arranged haphazardly. Then around 1655, the French scientist and mathematician Blaise Pascal discovered the game during his monastic retreat.

Now, according to traditional history of roulette, Blaise Pascal was reported to have invented the roulette wheel. Perhaps, this is true. However, it seems rather implausible since the game had existed way before his time. It is likely though that Pascal merely modified the roulette wheel, giving it 38 numbers with two zeros instead of one. Then again, here comes another loophole in the history of roulette.

Historians have stated that the single-zero roulette wheel did not exist until 1842 when Frenchmen Francois and Louis Blanc invented it. According to a more fanciful version of the history of roulette, these two men were said to have sold their souls to the devil. This story on the history of roulette probably sprung from the fact that when you add all the numbers in the roulette wheel, you come up with the devil’s code: 666. However shrouded the history of roulette may be, the game eventually found itself in America.

At this point in the history of roulette, the single-zero wheel was widely used but then later on, the Americans began to adopt the double-zero system since this gives a far higher house edge. This act changed the history of roulette forever and to this day, the double-zero comes standard in all American wheels while the single-zero has become a symbol of the European origins of the game.

In the mid-19th century, gambling was outlawed in Germany as in several European states. This led the inventor of the single-zero machine, Louis Blanc to go to Monaco where he was invited as a guest of the royal family. According to the history of roulette, Prince Charles, then ruler of Monaco was looking for ways to alleviate the poverty in his country and saw the solution in gambling. Thus, the history of roulette was made within the boundaries of this tiny kingdom.

Roulette became an exclusive game played only in Monaco’s most famous and luxurious casino, Monte Carlo, until 1933. When gambling became once more legalized in many states, several casinos cropped up and one of their main attractions is the game of roulette.

Poker Table Plan: Making Life Easy

Planning for building a poker table is not an easy task. Sometimes the task of making a poker table plan takes more days before it becomes complete. However, we cannot deny that the presence of the poker table plan is very important for building a perfect poker table. Many noted that how can you play the game successfully if nine of your friends are crowded on the poker table. With such fact, the poker table plan then served as a guide for building a perfect and comfortable poker table for much poker enjoyment.

Generally, the poker table plan functioning to build a perfect poker table, whether it is a Texas Holdem poker table or anything else, is usually composed of the exact materials to be needed. It is just important if you are making a poker table plan that you have knowledge about what and how to use certain materials needed for building a perfect poker table. Many poker table plans, however, suggest that with the use of a little more jigsaw and a drill, you can successfully create a solid and stable poker table of your choice that will provide you with years of entertainment.

It is as well important to note that the poker table plan generally includes a list of materials to be needed, a list of building tools needed, a vendor list, and a step by step instruction on how to build a certain poker table. There are also poker table plans that include helpful diagrams for the poker table builder’s guide, and some of the poker table plans involve helpful hints and tips in order to save money and for upgrading the style and design of the preferred poker table.

Aside from such compositions of the poker table plan, there are also some instances that the poker table plans have several alternatives or options for building a useful and lasting poker table. And some of those alternatives that the poker table plan usually contains are poker table plans for arm railing. This is for the reason that most of the poker table plan conscious preferred poker table plans that have options for padded arm railing such as one railing with drink holders in the rail, and sometimes one railing which is ultra light for plush comfort while reducing the weight of the table for elevated portability.

Lastly, there are great poker table plans that include details on how to make a perfect poker table which can be transformed to a dining table after the game. With the poker table plan, your life can really be made easy and enjoyable.


Roulette is a game that is one of the popular attractions in casinos and game houses. The term actually came from the French word for “small wheel.” While many believe that the roulette wheel was invented by the 17th century French mathematician, Blaise Pascal, others state that it originated from Asia.

History of Roulette

Some historians have found that the game actually came from China. When Dominican monks came to this part of the world to trade, they brought roulette back to Europe with them.

During the 18th century, Prince Charles of Monaco introduced gambling to his subjects as a way to remedy the fiscal crisis that his country was facing. Thus, along with other games, the roulette wheel was popularized.

Later on, after several decades, the roulette wheel underwent several modifications. In 1842, the Frenchmen Francois and Louis Blanc came up with the single “0” game, which became the precursor of the modern roulette wheel. However, in the 1800s, when the game was brought to the Americas during the California Gold Rush, the roulette wheel was returned to its original “00”.

Types of Roulette

There are two general types of roulette – American roulette wheel and the European roulette wheel.

The American roulette wheel has 38 numbers, including 0, 00, and 1 to 36. Because of the presence of two zeros (0, 00) in American roulette, the gambling house gets a 5.26% advantage. For instance, if you bet $100, the house will profit $5.26.

The European version of the wheel contains only 37 numbers, including 0 and 1 to 36. Thus with only one zero (0), the house gets an advantage of 2.70%. This means that every time you bet $100, the house will gain $2.70.

A significant different between these two roulette games is the color of the gambling chips used. While American roulette uses colored chips so players can distinguish the difference between his chips/bets from that of other players, the European version of the game use the same color for all their chips. For this reason, European roulette gamers must rely on their memory to know which of those chips on the table are theirs.

In addition, croupiers in European roulette use a long stick, called the Rake, to sweep the chips off the table. In the American version of the game however, the dealers use their hands and arms when sweeping in all the chips.

Moreover, European roulette is markedly different from that of its American cousin due to the fact that if the ball lands on the zero (0), the player has the choice to go for the en prison rule where he can choose to give up half of his wagers or to leave them be for the next game.

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Poker Stars: Where Poker Players Become World Poker Stars

Poker game becomes the mainstream name for everybody today. With that, many companies online now provides some poker rooms for poker enthusiasts. In fact, there are almost thousand of companies online that provide poker rooms and other useful poker equipments for the poker players.

So today, given such fact about the evolution of this money management craze, I will deal mainly with one of the best place where poker players becomes world poker stars, and that is the Poker Stars.

The Poker Stars is actually an online poker that gives excellent and cool poker action at the poker players’ choice of buy-ins with possible opponents from the around the cosmos. As such, the Poker Stars offered an easy to use poker star software, unparalleled service, and distinct highlights.

For much emphasis, the Poker Stars is a fun and safe abode to engage in poker with other people from around the cosmos for real or play money. Of course, we all know that there are so many poker places across the world of virtual reality, but the Poker Stars gives you the chance to be treated like the poker star you are. And if you will question if the Poker Star is an internet casino, the answer is no. It is for the fact that the Poker Star unlike an internet casino wherein you play against the house, the Poker Star gives you the opportunity to play against the other poker addicts from around the cosmos.

Moreover, the Poker Stars is proud to provide the poker addicts the most acclaimed poker games from card rooms around the cosmos and they in even offered their play money games for free to those who share similar interest in card room games. With the Poker Stars, as many of the poker addicts commented, you are only minutes away from playing poker at the best site on the internet. Most of the Poker Stars testimonies hold that you are guaranteed to always be playing with the up to date version of the great and cool poker software on the internet.

Undoubtedly, the Poker Stars was known as the best poker place online since the Poker Stars grants the players to upload and use an image of them or just about anything the player desired to represent them as they played on their online poker tables. Aside from that, with the Poker Stars you can even ask to see a transcript for the last 200 poker games played, and you have the chance to note the play of your opponents.

So if you love poker as the poker players love poker, you better go to Poker Stars for you to become the world poker star!

Play Roulette

It is said that the first man to play roulette was from 17th century France but the origin of the game is hazier than some people would want us to believe. Today, many people play roulette as it is now one of the most popular gambling games. Monte Carlo in Monaco is quite well known since it is one of the most famous places where you can play roulette.

Play Roulette: The Basics

Before you play roulette you need to know a few basics involved in the game. The number of players who play roulette is usually eight although 6 players can also play roulette quite aptly. The players play roulette against the house which is represented by the dealer who is sometimes called the croupier.

To play roulette, the dealer spins the wheel and lets the players place their bets on the table. The European roulette wheel is comprised of 37 slots that are numbered from 0 to 36. The American version of the wheel contains 38 slots since it has an extra zero, the double-zero or 00.

When you play roulette you need chips which represent your bets in the game. The chips used in roulette are different from other casino chips since the roulette chips are unique to each roulette table. The colors of the chips are used to distinguish one player’s bet from another.

Play Roulette: Placing the Bets

To play roulette, you need to place your bets on numbers indicated in the table layout, either inside or outside. When all the players in the table have placed their bets, the croupier spins the wheel in one direction and launches the ball in another direction. At this time, players can continue to change their bets or place in more bets until such a time that the croupier declares, “No more bets.” When that moment occurs, no one in the table is allowed to change or place his bet until the ball rests on one of the slots.

When you play roulette, the winner is determined by the number of the slot on which the ball rests after the spin. The dealer places a dolly or a win marker on the winning number on the table and collects all the losing bets.

Play Roulette: The House Advantage

When you play roulette, it is important that you know what the house advantage is. Every casino has a certain percentage of advantage over the gamblers. Think of it as tax or whatever since it is unalterable. In American roulette where the number of slots is 38, the house advantage is 5.26%. This means that when you play roulette at an American table, your $100-bet turns up a casino profit of $5.26. In contrast, the European only has 37 slots so this means that the house advantage is significantly lower at 2.7%. So if you want to play roulette and get the best chances of winning, it might be a good idea to play in European tables.

Poker Table Tops

For a poker game, the presence of the poker table tops is very important. It is for the fact that the poker table tops served as protection for the surface of the table. And the poker table tops are also made for an easy and smooth poker game.

So today, when we see poker game, we basically notice that poker table tops are always there. And for much interest, the poker table tops vary in sizes and shape. There are poker table tops that are shaped oval, round, octagonal, and sometimes square, and the size of the poker table tops usually depend on the size of the poker table.

For further information, the poker table tops has several classes or types. There are poker table tops than can be folded, double sided, and there are also poker table tops that can’t be folded and not double sided. Well, it just depends on the way the poker table tops are manufactured, depending on the quality of the materials used.

For particular emphasis, one of the companies that manufacture and offer poker table tops for sale, which is the Brandson Sale noted that one of their folding poker table tops is double sided. One side of their poker table tops highlights poker and the other side is for blackjack. Aside from such quality, their poker tale tops have plastic inserts that have chip trays and drink holders and can be lift out for easy cleaning.

Generally, the best portable poker table tops on the market today is the Hold’Em Poker Table Tops that measures 79″ by 36″ when it is opened. Accordingly, this kind of poker table tops is beautifully made with eight chips and drink trays. Furthermore, such poke table tops can be folded in two places and comes with a nylon carrying case with handles for an easy transporting. And usually, such poker table tops usually featured a rich overall green color of the fabric that adds to the Casino look of such exciting poker table tops.

And as we mostly noticed from the appearance of the poker table tops, there are poker table tops that have green felt on both sides, which are of great quality. And some of the poker table tops are usually made of heavy-duty nylon and most of all, the poker table tops comes in bags with double handle. The other appearance of the poker table tops comes with holes on the sides for poker chips and drinks, and is made up of 2 in 1 solid wood and can be folded. Each of the poker table tops has its own design suitable to their sizes and shape.

Clay Poker Chips and Its Nature

When playing poker, the presence of the poker chips is very important. It is noted that you cannot play a poker if you don’t have poker chips. As such, the poker chips really served a vital role for the success of the poker game.

So today, I will be particularly dealing with the clay poker chips. So what then is a clay poker chips? Are clay poker chips really made of clay?

For your information, the clay poker chips are actually a kind of poker chips which are not exactly made of clay. According to some research, the clay poker chips are originally may have been clay, but for the last 75 years or so, the clay poker chips, as it is known today, have been a composition of materials that are heavier and more durable than clay. Aside from that, the real clay poker chips are generally molded under extreme pressure and temperature, that is 10,000 lbs PSI and 300F.

To fully enhance your interest about the clay poker chips, it is noted that the clay poker chips are not unbreakable. Clay poker chips are said to be tough and durable under normal playing conditions, however, the rough handling of the clay poker chips can cause damage. This truth about the clay poker chips is also true with the plastic poker chips.

If you will ask if the clay poker chips are washable, the answer to that query is no. This is fro the reason that you cannot put clay poker chips in he dish washer, clothes washer or bucket of water to soak. Why? It will definitely destroy the clay poker chips. So beware. But if you need to clean any clay poker chips, just note that the cleaning should be done one chip at a time. For better cleaning, you use a soft fine brush, in which toothbrush works well, and a small amount of mild detergent in water. The brush in this sense will be used to apply a small amount of cleaner to the clay poker chips, and if done, you can dry the clay poker chips at once with a soft cloth. As simple as that!

For great function of the clay poker chips, it is important to consider that the clay poker chips must be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. And when you are traveling with the clay poker chips, never leave them in a locked car on a hot day. This is for the reason that the temperatures inside a locked car can reach 150 degrees or more and these temperature conditions may damage your clay poker chips.

So today, the clay poker chips are the most preferred kind of poker chip since the clay poker chips are handled more easily than plastic chips and they are not slippery, which is a big advantage to casinos.