Betsson Sportsbook

Betsson Sportsbook offers a good range of Sportsbook betting options. If you’re looking for your favourite team or match you are sure to find it at Betsson Sportsbook. Betsson Sportsbook covers each season and matches from all the top sports from football to mixed martial arts and rally car racing.

Betsson Sportsbook is recomended by the part time Swedish sports betting pro – Gert Gambell.

What makes Betsson so unique in comparison to competitors is their non sports betting options. Betsson recently gave odds on The Oscars and the Barrack Obama’s inauguration speech. You can even get odds for the Eurovision Song Contest! Being topical in this way makes Betsson a really fun online gambling website.

In total Betsson offers odds on more than 10,000 markets and around 700 events. It really is one of the more complete Sportsbook sites around.

There’s always sporting action to bet on at Betsson which is sure to keep sports fans happy. This June for example Betsson Sportsbook will be providing odds on the Uefa U21 European Championships in Sweden and The Wimbledon Tennis Championship.

When you sign up to Betsson Sportsbook you will get an ‘access all areas’ account that allows you to play across all the Betsson products that’s Casino, Bingo, Poker, Exchange, Scratch and Trader. Deposit to your main account and although you don’t get a Sportsbook Sign-up Bonus you may be able to earn bonuses in other products and add to your deposit in other ways.

Betsson offers player bonus. An example is the stakeback bonus. This means you’ll get your stake back on your first three non winning combi bets.

Betsson Sportsbook Betting Options

You can place your bet at Betsson Sportsbook in a variety of ways. A single bet one way, a bet both ways or you can place a combi bet. Currently you can bet in eight different currencies; Norwegian kroner, US dollars, Danish kroner, Swedish kronor, Turkish TRY, Euro and British pounds sterling.

Mobile Betting

Betsson offers WAP enabled phones the option to bet in Sportsbook via your mobile phone. Simply bookmark on your mobile phone and you’ll never miss a Betsson Sportsbook betting opportunity. Mobile Betting makes Betsson Sportsbook one of the most convenient and user friendly sportsbooks around.

Live Sportsbook Betting
Betsson offers Live Sports Betting. It’s an exciting way to get in on the excitement and decide as the action unfolds when it is the best time to place a bet and make some money. Choose to bet at anytime on games that are in-progress and make the action go your way.

Betsson Exchange
Betsson Exchange allows you to bet against other people all over the world. The odds are usually between 10% and 30% better than normal book makers. What makes Betsson stand out from the competition is they don’t add unfair charges to your winnings in comparison to their competitors.

At Betsson Exchange the minimum wagering amount is €0.10 (or a tenth of a unit of whichever currency you’re betting in) and the maximum winning per customer is €5000 per bet with a max win per day of €10000 or €25000 per customer per week.