Betsson´s scratch tickets

Betsson´s scratch tickets is a successful enhancement of the traditional scratch tickets. Each scratch ticket on has different theme. This enables you to choose between Fantasy-, Sport-, Casino- and classic scratch tickets. The winnings are paid out in a various amount up until 200 000 EUR. One of the scratch tickets can give you the jackpot of around 5 500 EUR a months for 15 years!

This grand jackpot can be yours when playing the scratch ticket 3wow. This classic ticket is easy to understand and a lot of fun. The setup is simple; three of the same equals a prize. Please remember to keep a look out for the trefoils! If you are lucky and get three trefoils the grand jackpot can be yours.

What’s makes 3wow even more interesting is the fact that you can choose which scratch ticket you wish to play. In addition to this, you can also choose how much you are willing to pay for your ticket, 5 cent or 1 EUR. It’s your pick! If you are really eager to find out if you are the next millionaire you have the chose to scratch numerous boxes at the same time. All in all 3wow is an exciting scratch ticket with a lot of winnings!