Free How-To-Win-Roulette Tips

If you aim to win at roulette, then having a free how-to-win-roulette tip will most positively come in hand. Roulette is a casino game where a numbered wheel is turned while the dealer releases a tiny white ball. The object of the game is to guess which among the 37 or 38 slots in the roulette wheel becomes the ball’s resting place after each spin. If you bet on the number that comes up, that means you won.

The thing with roulette is that it ultimately relies on chance and luck. In addition to that, the house advantage is quite high at 5.26% for American wheels and 2.7% for European or French wheels. So how do you combat all these losing odds and win at roulette?

Below are some great and free how-to-win-roulette tips that could help you improve your chances.

Free How-To-Win-Roulette Tip 1 – Bet with the Outcome

Roulette is far too random to apply the theory of probability and make it work for you. This is because in roulette, your odds of winning are independent of the outcomes of the prior spins. So if red comes up eight consecutive times, that doesn’t mean that black is the next probable outcome. The truth of the matter is that, red has every chance of coming up as black.

So how do you make this theory work for you? A free how-to-win-roulette tip would be to learn to bet with the outcome. Use this free how-to-win-roulette tip and let probability help you in assessing your expectations in the long run. However, this free how-to-win-roulette tip only works if you do not rely on probability too much.

Free How-To-Win-Roulette Tip 2 – Consider the Factors

There are two major factors that determine how much you win or lose in roulette. These are luck and how long you decide to play. Take into account the house advantage in roulette and know that the game always tends to favor the casino. A free how-to-win-roulette tip then is to quit while you’re ahead. This free how-to-win-roulette tip decreases your chances of losing more money than you have to.

Free How-To-Win Roulette Tip 3 – No such thing as math

When you play roulette, bear in mind that you are gambling with your luck against your money. There’s no such thing as math in gambling. Remember, mathematics is an exact science. Gambling, on the other hand, is playing with fate. You never know what hit you until it hits. So why don’t you take this free how-to-win-roulette tip and give math a rest? No gambling system that is based on pure numbers has ever been proven to work.