What Are RNG In Online Casino Slots?

Slot machines are really a big deal in all Las Vegas casinos. The lights, the sound, it all feels like you’re in a movie or something. Then, came the age of technology and along with it brought the age of the Internet.

It’s really not that easy for everyone to visit casinos in the middle of the desert just to have some fun and this is exactly where the Internet comes into the picture. We’re talking about online casinos and they too have a wide variety of games to offer.

They’d include some games like blackjack, poker, craps, roulette and the slot machines. Now we know how the card games work, but what about the slots? I mean, you just pull down a lever and it starts working. Is it as simple as that? The answer is pretty much a “NO”. The online casino slots work because of the RNG, i.e., Random Number Generator. If you’re not able to pick the logic behind the workings of an online slot machine, it’s going to cost you a lot of money. The logic is the RNG itself. So what you need to know about the RNG is how to calculate the numbers and assure a jackpot for yourself. Let’s start off by explaining what exactly a RNG is, shall we?

The RNG is nothing but a small microprocessor that helps in calculating the winning arrangement on the slot reels. And the rate of generating combinations of numbers is around hundred combinations a second. The tricky part about the online slots is that even if you’re not playing it, the combinations are still being calculated. One thing that you may not be aware of is that the online casino sets the percentage of payout on a long term basis.

The surprising fact very few gamblers know is that the reels on the slots are only served as a decoration. And you’ll be even more surprised to know that it’s not up to the reels that decide the winning combination at all.

The Random Number Generator is more like a computer program. This statement becomes more than obvious since the software is packed with a set of instructions in order to generate certain numbers which is in the form of an algorithm or a simple formula. You are bound to come across many combinations wherein every set of combination is termed as a cycle. However, at the same time, it would be pretty unwise of you to think that the RNG has winning and losing cycles.

As the name suggests, the RNG selects numbers randomly based on any particular symbol on the reel in order to create a final combination. Actually if you look to see, you’ll find out that the symbols do not play any role at all, its simple role is to make us, the online gamblers, visually see whether we’ve won or lost a game.

This becomes more than evident when you see that the symbol can come up once, twice, thrice or never; it simply doesn’t make any difference to the RNG. RNG is like the nuclei of any slot machine, online or even traditional and when it comes to winning or losing, it plays a rather crucial role.