Poker Chips: Types and Styles

The poker is a widely played card game which is basically known as a money management game that uses cards for manipulation and deception for winning. With such nature, the poker game has continued to affect the interest of the people. Under this game, several rules and accessories are used aside from the presence of the cards, and one of those is the poker chips.

The poker chips are a usual kind of supply that the poker game must have. It is for the fact that poker chips, small as they are, served a major role for the success of the poker game. The poker chips in the poker game sense somehow act as a representation for the amount that the poker players have.
According to many researches, the poker chips vary from different types such as the clay poker chips and the plastic poker chips. In particular, the clay poker chips are said to be the most preferred type of poker chips since the clay poker chips are handled more easily than the plastic poker chips. This type of poker chips is not so slippery, which gives a great advantage to casinos.

The clay poker chips, in addition, are made popular after all these years for so many reasons. Such include the fact that hand made clay poker chips are almost impossible to duplicate. The molds that make these poker chips exist only in some poker chips factories and the manufacturing process of such poker chips is a closely guarded secret. Aside from that reason, the clay poker chips are durable and it is proven in thousands of casinos around the cosmos for the last 75 years. And best of all, this type of poker chips is still the least expensive protected poker chips on the market nowadays.

For much detail, the poker chips are also said to vary from different designs and styles. There is poker chips that are molded with a series of horse heads run around the rim of the design. Such poker chips mold design is typical for custom printed poker chips with or without edge spots. And it is also noted that this poker chips design cannot be hot stamped. Besides, another poker chips mold design which common to all poker chips is the presence of the letter A in four places that are separated by a design the rim. Finally, this poker chips mold design can be used for custom printed poker chips and hot stamped poker chips with or without edge spots.

Other mold designs and styles are considered and the above mentioned two poker chips mold designs are just among the thousands designs that exist in the market today.