The Difference Between Community And Straight Poker Games

Online poker is quite a rage wherever you look. Just type the term “online poker” on Google search, and you’ll find millions of results and many direct you to online poker game rooms. That is the popularity of online poker these days. You have community games and straight poker games. What exactly differentiates the two from each other? I mean, in the end they’re just poker games right? Wrong. Let’s see what each of them means.

First, let’s take a look at community poker. In this type of a game, you have a set of cards that are dealt face down on the table to the players individually. Now this is where it gets interesting, in this you also have a certain number of cards dealt in the center of the table. These cards are known as the community cards.

As the game continues, the betting rounds go on and the flipping of the cards in the center of the table also begins. The players combine the cards in hand along with the cards that are face up on the table in order to form a winning hand. This apparently makes it more than obvious that why these games are known as community poker games. That’s because the players share the community cards in order to form a stronger hand.

Let’s take an instance to elaborate the above statement. Sometimes it is even possible for two players to go after the same community card to increase their chances of winning. The only way in which different community games differ from one another is by the way the community cards are dealt. Most times they are dealt in a straight line.

But sometimes it’s also possible for them to be laid out in a cross, circle or even in the shape of the letter “H”. As and when the betting goes on, the dealer lays the community cards face up and the betting continues. Once a player has made a winning combination, he can either raise the bet or may be even call.

Now, let’s see what the straight poker games are all about. These games are the ones that are most commonly played around the world. As in any game of poker, it can be played by two or more players. It starts off with each of the players placing an open bet. The dealer then deals 5 cards to each of the players. Players sitting in the early position of the table (preferably to the left) will bet on the hand that they are holding.

This may simply go on until all of the online players call. This process starts all over again from the player sitting to the left. The dealer can replace the cards that the players have already discarded. After all this is done with, it is up to the player to left (again!) to bet one final time. After all the players are done with the calls, they resort to displaying their cards on the table face up in order to ascertain the winner. It has happened quite a few times that 2 players have the same hand. In such a case, the player with the highest card value is declared as the winner.