What Are The Different Forms Of Community Poker

Community poker is quite a rage these days. It is not a game played, as you might imagine with neighbors and friends in the basement, but gets its name from the fact that cards are laid face down on the table. It makes the game a bit more exciting than your ordinary or might I say “traditional” game of poker. The thing about community poker, as I said before is that it is played with a set of cards dealt face down to every player, and certain cards are placed in the center, and the cards being ‘shared’ by the players. As the game continues, cards are flipped, and it is then that the betting takes place. Players simply have to arrange the best hand with cards dealt to them or with help from community cards in the center.

The word “community” itself, suggests that community poker involves players sharing cards. Now don’t get me wrong here but this can be explained better with an example. For instance, players may use the same community cards so that they can complete their hand. There are many types of community poker games that might catch your attention and the rules are simple for each of them.

The first type of game that we’d like to talk about would be the H-Bomb. In this game, the players are each dealt a set of four cards and seven other cards face down in the shape of the letter “H”, i.e., three cards placed parallel to each other and one card in between. Each card is flipped face up at the dealer’s discretion, which means that it involves seven rounds of betting. As soon as all the cards in the H-shape are face up, there is a final round of betting. This is where the players compare their hands with the cards faced up.

Now we move on to perhaps the most popular of all community poker games and that is Texas hold ’em. In this game, each player can use a given combination of five community cards and two cards that are dealt to the player at the beginning of the game in order to make a perfect hand. Owing to the fact that each player is handed two cards in the beginning and the rest of them shared, the Texas hold ’em is perhaps the perfect when it comes to strategy and mathematical analysis.

Then we have Cincinnati, which is one of the few original community poker games out there. In this game, the dealer hands out five cards each to the players and places four community cards in the center. Each of these cards are then flipped face up followed by a betting round and after comparing each hand with the community cards, the best hand wins.

These were just some of the few community poker games that you may find online. Others would include games like Ohio, Tennessee, Pharaoh, Twin beds, Merry go round, Iron Cross, etc. The variations brought about in these games are probably endless making online community poker games a fun and rather exciting experience.